Saturday, 7 July 2012

Get to Listen FM Rainbow 102.6 Online

FM Rainbow 102.6 is a national radio station which is owned by All India Radio (AIR). This radio station broadcasts the songs in Hindi and other regional languages. English songs are also broadcasted occasionally. This FM channel is popular for broadcasting various types of music and it covers the songs from different regions of the country.  It is one of those few radio channels which broadcast the western music and these slots have a huge listener-base. Some of the popular western music programs are- Take off, Time out, Wicked hour, Footloose, Matchless music hours,  Radio  Pet House, you asked for it and some other classical music programs.

It operates in various cities in India including the metros like Delhi and Mumbai. Everyday from 7-10 a.m. and 10 a.m.- 1 p.m., the channel broadcast the popular English music program called Radio Raptures. AIR FM Rainbow belongs to the group of FM radio channels and the group was known as the FM Metro and the name got changed to FM Rainbow in 2002. This channel is also liked by the listeners as they get updated every hour through the hourly news in English or Hindi and also the news in the regional language.

FM Rainbow channel can reach a wide area in the country through its strong signals and even a person from a remotest village would be able to listen to the programs. This channel is liked by the people because of its diverse program arrangement. Ranging from the offbeat ghazals to the western music and from the latest music to the classical ones, the FM rainbow has been able to keep a distinct mark in the hearts of the listeners who are actually the people belonging to various regions of India and various spheres of life.

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